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We offer the complete line of authentic Ertl John Deere Toys, and toy tractors at discounted prices! From the smallest 1/64 diecast farm toys, up to collectible highly detailed 1/16 scale John Deere toy tractors, and toy combines. Discounted prices on all Ertl farm toys.

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John Deere R Series Toy Tractors

NEW John Deere R Series Tractors. Models like the John Deere 8360R, 8370R or the new 8295r, 8320R, 8230R, 9560R or 7280R series tractors. From the 1/64th scale to 1/16th Prestige Series, and 1/32 Authentic John Deere 9560R 4WD toy tractor with duals. Check out the 8295RT, or the 8345R. Available in many different scales, and model configurations. These are the latest model John Deere toy tractors!

John Deere Toy Combines

NEW John Deere Toy Combines. Die Cast models of the new John Deere S-Series toy combines like the s690, s680, and the Big Farm John Deere s670 combine toy. We also still have the John Deere STS toy combines in stock like the 9870 STS, John Deere 9670 STS, and more toy combines!

John Deere Preschool/Youth Toys

John Deere Infant/Preschool/Youth plastic toys are sure to spark imagination! John Deere role play toddler toys, John Deere Corn Teething ring, tractors rattles, and so much more. John Deere toy weed eaters to John Deer toy saws and drills. Safe plastic toys for John Deere boys & girls! Be sure to check out Johnny Tractor, Corey Combine, and friends!

John Deere Precision Collector Edition Tractors

John Deere Precision & Collectible Edition Toy Tractors, John Deere Precision Elite, Precision II, Prestige, John Deere Collectors Edition,John Deere precision Key Series,John Deere gold Key, Limited Edition John Deere Toy Tractors, and more! Highly detailed for the serious John Deere collector!

John Deere Pedal Tractors & Riding Toys

John Deere Pedal Tractors & Ride-On Toys. John Deere bikes, trikes. A John Deere riding toy for both boys, and girls from infant to youth!. See the all new John Deere 8360r pedal tractor, 4020 pedal tractor, and John Deere 12v electric gator, and John Deere electric ride on tractors for kids! A John Deere riding toy is a great way for your little farmer to start practicing!

John Deere Vintage Styled Speccast Diecast Models

Speccast offers many unique vintage 1/16th John Deere tractors. Highly detailed, these John Deere diecast replicas and implements are a must for any serious collector of their era! Speccast also specializes in highley detailed 1/64 John Deere planters. From older 7200 12 row Max Emerge planters, to the latest and greatest 24 row, 36 row, and 48 Bauer Built toy planters with fertilizer tanks. Check out their diecast 1/64 John Deere toy trucks, and semis!

John Deere Radio Controlled Tractors

John Deere Radio control toys make excellent gifts because they’re fun and exciting but also provide educational value. Hand-Eye coordination, Adventure, Competition, Mechanical/Electrical Skills: There are many reasons why people buy radio controlled John Deere toy tractors as a creative outlet, but the most prevalent is that they are simply a great deal of fun to play with.

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